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Plaster, Plaster, and more Plaster

This week at the Rapp Houses there was more plaster demolition and a good deal of plastering.  Plastering is going to go on for a while because there are 20 rooms on the first floor, many of which are going to be plastered.  The electric is also still in the process of being updated.  Below [...]

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The Case of a Missing Staircase

There has always been some question about whether a staircase was ever built in the dining room of the George Rapp House.  It shows up on all four of the original 1820s floor plans, but the staircase for that part of the house has always seemed to have been in the hallway next to the [...]

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Changes are happening!

Work has definitely begun on the Rapp Houses.  The old electric is being removed and new electric is being installed.  Two "old" doors are being closed up, and two "new" doors are being opened up, or we should actually say "re-opened."  A wall has been straightened and unkeyed plaster is being torn out.  See the [...]

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Work on the Rapp Houses until now

Since the Rapp Houses restoration has been going on (a lot) longer than this blog, we're going to play catch-up.  The following photographs tell the story of design work and choices that have been done along the way, as well as some structural investigation and work in the houses that has been going on.  There [...]

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The Rapp Houses, a Story of Restoration

The large house or mansion which we know today as the Rapp House is actually not one but two houses.  The first was completed in January 1826 for Harmony Society founder and leader George Rapp.  The second was built in 1828 and attached to the first for George’s adopted son Frederick Rapp.  The houses have [...]

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