2019 Volunteer of the Year – Coralee Syrko

Our 2019 Volunteer of the Year is Coralee Syrko Coralee is an enthusiastic and energetic volunteer.  She has developed skills including guiding tours, candle dipping, rope making, organizing archival documents, and cleaning artifacts. She has varied interests and is willing to help in any way with events and tours, even with a severely broken leg.    Coralee demonstrates candle [...]

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Old Economy Village Coloring Pages, Crossword, and Word Search

Coloring is a fun activity to do while stuck at home! We have free, downloadable coloring pages on our website. Download, color, and share your masterpieces with us! Coloring Pages: https://bit.ly/392WHQ0   Finished coloring all of our coloring pages? Here are more two fun activities to do while stuck at home. Old Economy Village Crossword Puzzle [...]

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Old Economy Village Offices Are Closed

Old Economy Village Offices Are Closed Due to the Governor’s order regarding COVID-19, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum offices throughout the State are closed until March 30, 2020.  We are continuing to work remotely and will respond to your email as soon as possible. In our efforts to protect all Pennsylvanians, including our youngest, the Pennsylvania [...]

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Open for Tours!

How exciting!  The Rapp Houses are finally open for tours once again.  Reviews are glowing!  Time to come out to Old Economy Village again and see the magnificent changes.  Just to give you a glimpse of what you might see, look at the pictures below.  But, we don't want to give too much away, because [...]

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