Lecture – George Rapp’s Economy & Its Origins in Württemberg

/Lecture – George Rapp’s Economy & Its Origins in Württemberg

Lecture – George Rapp’s Economy & Its Origins in Württemberg

October 1, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Old Economy Village classroom
270 16th St
Ambridge, PA 15003
David Miller
724-266-4500, ext. 110

Written under the stairs in Community House #2 in New Harmony, Indiana: “On the twenty-fourth of May, 1824, we have departed. Lord, with Thy great help and goodness, in body and soul protect us.” ~ L. Schaal, Harmonist

In 1824, George Rapp established his third community in America and called it Economy. Founding a new village created a crisis for many members of the Harmony Society who resented giving up the community at New Harmony, Indiana. Nevertheless, George Rapp convinced them to follow him back to Pennsylvania.

How was he able to convince nearly 700 people to move?  How much was left in 1824 of the original ideas developed in Württemberg more than 30 years before? Dr. Eberhard Fritz looks back on the formative years of George Rapp’s Pietist group, when strong religious and social ideas led people to separate from the church and live differently than acceptable society.
For more information or to register to attend the lecture please contact David Miller at (724)266-4500 x 110.
Dr. Eberhard Fritz is the archivist to the Duke of Württemberg. For more than two decades he researched the Separatist movement in the Duchy of Württemberg and elsewhere, especially the rising of George Rapp and the origins of the community at Zoar, Ohio. His PhD thesis Radical Pietism in Württemberg was published as a book in 2003. In addition, he has written more than 20 longer articles about various aspects of Pietism and Separatism.
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