Wayzgoose: A Celebration of Letterpress Printing

/Wayzgoose: A Celebration of Letterpress Printing

Wayzgoose: A Celebration of Letterpress Printing

August 26, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Wayzgoose: A Celebration of Letterpress Printing

Join us in the Old Economy Village Print Shop for a day of exploring the history of letterpress printing. Themed demonstrations, hands-on activities, and refreshments will engage the entire family.

First documented in the early 1600’s, the Wayzgoose was an annual feast provided by a print shop owner for the shop employees. Workers had a short work day covering window openings with paper for the upcoming winter. They were then provided a large meal at the owner’s home. After, they were given cash gratuity to spend that evening at the tavern. The day served to both prepare the shop for the upcoming winter and reward workers for a year’s production.

The Wayzgoose tradition continues now at the Print Shop at Old Economy Village. In its contemporary form, the Wayzgoose is a celebration of the history, tools, and techniques of printing. Participants will view special demonstrations, work as a team to produce pages on an 1833 iron hand press, and individually produce a commemorative print on an 1893 press. Fold your own paper pressman’s cap as was done daily in the printing industry for nearly a century. Kids can also explore simple printing activities that they can do again themselves at home. And while there won’t be a roasted goose with all the trimmings, there will be light refreshments.

This event is included in regular admission. 

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