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There will be no internships at Old Economy Village in 2021.

Exhibit work


Archival research

To apply for a non-Keystone Internship, submit a copy of the following to Old Economy Village:

  1. Old Economy Village internship application (PDF)
  2. An essay of no more than one thousand words, addressing the following five points:
    • why you wish to be an intern at Old Economy Village;
    • your specific area of study in school;
    • the area(s) of Old Economy Village which interests you;
    • how an Old Economy Village internship will enhance your academic program and advance your career goals; and
    • the background and experience, both academic and practical, you can bring to an internship.
  3. Your most recent transcript. You do not need to submit official transcripts; a copy of your transcript, attached to your application, is sufficient.
  4. A current résumé.
  5. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member who can assess your background, skills, and capabilities. The letter should be sent to the Internship Coordinator separately from your application.

E-mail applications to or mail to:

Sarah Buffington
Old Economy Village
270 Sixteenth Street
Ambridge, PA 15003

Questions about internships at Old Economy Village may be sent to

Interns in the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission’s paid Keystone Summer Internship program may serve their internships at Old Economy Village, as well as other sites within the PHMC.  Those interns not in the Keystone Internship program are not paid; students are highly encouraged to apply to the program. 

Interns at Old Economy Village have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a variety of fields.  Students are encouraged, but not required, to seek credit for their internships.  The internship hours are flexible, and we are willing to work with the requirements of the intern’s school.    Each intern will work directly with a staff mentor on a specific project or projects that are both of interest to the student and needed by the site.  Internship opportunities are available in many different areas of Old Economy Village, such as the following:

  • The curatorial department may include exhibit preparation (research, writing, design, production, installation), collections work (cataloging, cleaning, packing & moving), or archival database work (digitization, transcription, German translation, data entry).
  • The education department may include guiding tours, educational program/tour development, or interactive website programming for children.  Past interns have written new programs and tours for preschool, Christmas, Girl Scouts, and the historic district, among other things.
  • Administration may include marketing, database development, volunteer recruitment and management, special event planning, or sales.
  • Maintenance may include general maintenance of the historic site, construction of historical and exhibit components, and garden work.

Collections work

Data entry