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Whether you’re looking for authentic bees wax candles, pottery, books on the history of Old Economy Village or maybe a snack after the end of a great tour, you’ll find it all at the Old Economy Village Museum Store.

Featured Vendor:

Basket Creations by Sister Donna

reproduction harmonist baskets in Old_Economy_Village store_croppedThe baskets in our store are reproductions of baskets originally made by the Harmonists over 100 years ago.  Here is a photo of the original baskets on display in the Harmonist Store.  The baskets for sale are smaller reproductions of the originals.

Sister Donna is a Benedictine Sister with a passion for God that finds its expression in her love of sharing beauty, creativity, and skill with people of all ages and backgrounds.  For decades, this dedicated crafts woman has been honing her own skills by experimenting with traditional and avant-garde weaves, perfecting new designs in both basket weaving and wood carving, and teaching others in her studio at St. Benedict Monastery.

The move from the monastery to the new venue was a daunting task that involved sorting through 4o years of accumulated materials and tools.  After months of work, involving numerous volunteers, the new studio is open and well worth all the effort.

The new Basket Creations Studio is a welcoming space that lends itself to creativity in both basketry and woodcarving.  It is bright, colorful, and flooded with natural light that enables students to work with greater ease.  This is a great space for all the workshops and retreats that Sister Donna facilitates to help other become skilled artisans. (Taken from  For more information click here.


There are many new items coming into the gift shop daily.  Please stop by today!