The wallpaper is done!

//The wallpaper is done!

The wallpaper is done!

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but yes, the wallpaper is done!  The wallpaper reproduction project began in 2002, and now, 12 years later, we are proud to show off the results.  And I might add that what you are going to see is BEAUTIFUL, especially to those with an early 19th century eye (wink, wink)!  These papers were all reproduced from original wallpapers that were pulled off of the walls during the 1960s restoration or that are on band boxes in the collection.  Some of the borders are from the Adelphi line of papers because there weren’t enough borders in the collection.  We would like to thank all of the folks at LCA Associates, Laura McCoy Designs, Inc., Adelphi Paper Hangings, LLC, and Historical Wallpapering Specialties for all of their endless hours and amazing abilities to bring this project to fruition.


The (new) George Rapp bedroom wallpaper was taken from a bandbox in the Old Economy Village collection. The Greek Key border was chosen from the Adelphi running line.


The George Rapp formal dining room wallpaper was reproduced from a very fragile paper that was originally installed in that room. The border was chosen from Adelphi’s borders.


The south family hallway wallpaper reproduces wallpaper that was originally hung in the hallway. The border hung in another room in the house.


The George Rapp family dining room/sitting room has wallpaper reproduced from the same band box from which George’s bedroom was copied. The border is from a different band box.

Sneak peek at what’s to come:  artifacts are moving into the houses and carpeting is coming very soon!

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