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Friends of Old Economy Village – preserving, promoting, and proclaiming the story of the Harmony Society.

Using the historic site and collections of Old Economy Village, the Friends of Old Economy Village share the stories and ideals of the Harmony Society, one of the most successful and entrepreneurial 19th century religious communities. We apply the Harmonist ideals of community, culture, and ingenuity; supporting the operations of Old Economy Village and presenting programming that highlights the history of the site and the impact on the lives of visitors today.

The Friends of Old Economy Village is operated by a Board of Directors, working in partnership with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.  New board members are nominated by a committee and voted into the organization at the Annual Meeting in May.

Barbara Hicks, President

Ted Knafelc, Vice-President

Scott Angus, Secretary

Glenn Natali, Treasurer

Susan Kretzler-Falcone, Executive Committee Representative

Sid Aykent

Barbara A. Costa

Rebecca Frieler

David Gabauer

Rick A. Lapinski

Fritz Retsch

Roberta Sciulli

Dr. Henry L. Thompson III

Michael Knecht, Ex-Officio

Jason Weber, Ex-Officio

John Kroeck, Advisory Member

Steve Roberts, Advisory Member

Anne Genter, Honorary Director

Mary Ann Landis, Honorary Director