Artifacts are moving in

//Artifacts are moving in

Artifacts are moving in


The staff at Old Economy Village has recently begun to move the historical artifacts back into the Rapp Houses.  Packing and removal of artifacts began in the summer of 2012. The house was closed in December 2012 when the large artifacts were removed.  The curator has started with the small items, and the large items will be moved back in a couple of weeks.  Next week the carpets start to be installed.  We’re getting closer to opening!!!

Painting revealed

Old Economy Village staff Michael Knecht and David Miller assist conservator Brian Howard of Carlisle, PA to reveal the Harmonist-owned painting, Christ Healing the Sick, by Bass Otis. The framed piece was too large to remove from the room and was crated during the restoration project. The artwork came through unscathed. The painting has hung in the same location since it arrived at Economy in 1829.

Hanging the painting

The painting returns to its original hooks in the George Rapp formal parlor by B. R. Howard & Associates and Old Economy Village staff.


All of the chairs for the Rapp Houses lie in wait in one room of the George Rapp House.

Small artifacts on cart

Lighting devices and kitchen tools sit on a cart with other artifacts being prepared to be placed throughout the houses.


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