This past week saw all of the large furnishings moving into the Rapp Houses.  Brian Howard of Carlisle, PA and his crew did the hard moving job.  Also this week, White Marsh Interiors installed curtains and bed hangings in George and Frederick Rapp’s bedrooms.  Thanks to Bert Laudenslager and David Sell for their beautiful work!

I am very sorry to say that my photos this week all got accidently deleted, and we can’t see all of these diligent works in progress.  However, you can see the results of their work below.  This week the George Rapp House gets its last carpet installed and two floor cloths are being installed in two hallways.  Guides are currently being trained.  This is getting exciting!!!


The Frederick Rapp bedroom


The George Rapp bedroom


The George Rapp Office has furniture awaiting placement.


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