It’s starting to look a little more finished!

//It’s starting to look a little more finished!

It’s starting to look a little more finished!

Okay, okay – the project is NOT finished yet, but how exciting it is to see the Rapp Houses getting finishing plaster, paint, and a “new” door in place!  We have MANY more months to go until we can say that it is finished.  Let’s see what’s new.

118 parlor 83

The plaster ceiling above the fireplace in the George Rapp parlor has been finished once again. Everything in the blue-green color is original plaster.  Other rooms are also seeing plaster finishing up.

106 FR office 7

The painting in this room has been finished to show project members what the paint will look like in all of the rooms. The 1999 Matt Mosca paint study found that the original paints included two-color black and white baseboards and chair rails in the Frederick Rapp house, and two-color dark/medium blue and white baseboards and chair rails in the George Rapp house.  The new paint has been matched to the original shades.

120 GR sitting room 21

The George Rapp family dining room has a “new” door. The door to the kitchen to the right of the fireplace has been walled up, and the door frame and door has been re-used at the “new” opening to the left. There used to be a door there, which Charles Stotz walled up during the 1960s restoration. See below to see how it used to look.

120 sitting room before

The George Rapp family dining room before the current restoration

GH-C-61 Rapp House/GSA 947-1 A-1 120 & 120a Room detail 1-15-62

George Rapp’s family dining room during the restoration in January 1962.  Stotz opened the door to the kitchen (left of the fireplace) and built a curved wall to recreate the small room on the west, making Gertrude Rapp’s bedroom.

Plate Forty One, Mantel on North Wall of Room 209, Mantel on Sou

George Rapp’s family sitting room (which was actually John Duss’s dining room) before the 1960s restoration.  Notice that the door to the left of the fireplace is open, and there is not a door to the right.  John Duss removed the wall to the small room on the right to make a large dining room in this space.


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