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Most buildings are available to view on tour. A printable site map is available for download.

vis_cent_200Old Economy Visitor Center
This modern building is the starting point of your visit. It contains the information desk, orientation film and exhibit, changing exhibit gallery, museum store, classrooms, and restrooms. Tickets are purchased in the museum store.  Building #1 on the printable site map.


feast-hall200133Feast Hall / Museum Building (first floor; handicap accessible only on first floor) Built in 1827, the first floor showcased a Natural History Museum (now recreated) open to the Society for free and to the public for a ten cent admission fee.  Harmonists gathered on special feast days for communal meals or for musical performances in the second floor Feast Hall (100′ by 52′).
Building #2 on the printable site map.


rapp_house_b_200George Rapp House
This was Society leader George Rapp’s second home in Economy. Completed in 1826, it was considered to be an elegant residence, compared with other members’ homes. It was in this house that Rapp met and entertained important visitors. He furnished it with objects purchased in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, as well as with furniture and textiles made by the Society. Father Rapp lived in the house with his wife Barbara, daughter Rosina, daughter-in-law Johanna, and granddaughter Gertrude. Building #3 on the printable site map.

rapp_house_fred_wing_200Frederick Rapp House
An 1828 addition to George Rapp’s house, his adopted son Frederick (Reichert) Rapp lived in this house until his death in 1834.  Afterwards it became a dormitory for other Harmonists.  Building #4 on the printable site map.