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Most buildings are available to view on tour. A printable site map is available for download.

rapp_garden_200George Rapp Garden
Visitors to Economy described George Rapp’s garden as “neatly laid out in lawns, arbors, and flower beds.” The 1831 Pavilion once featured a wooden statue carved by American sculptor, William Rush. The current figure was made in the 1950s.  Also built in 1831, the Grotto’s rough exterior belies its elegant neoclassical interior. Harmonists viewed this building as a metaphor for their Society – rough on the exterior but refined inside. Building #5 on the printable site map.


Carriage HouseCarriage House
A 1960s reconstruction, the building now houses vehicles owned by the Harmony Society: two fire pumpers, a hearse, and a carriage. Building #6 on the printable site map.



Mechanics Building
The Society’s tailor and shoe makers worked in this building. It is believed that the Society’s printing press was also located here for a time. The exhibit includes hat making, which the Harmonists did in another location, no longer existing.  Building #7 on the printable site map.



Wine Cellar
Below the Mechanics Building is the wine cellar. Its barrel vaulted ceiling rises to 20′ at the center. The space once held 1,250 gallons of Harmonist wine at a nearly constant temperature of 57°F. Building #8 on the printable site map.