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Most buildings are available to view on tour. A printable site map is available for download.

Community Kitchen
It is believed that the Harmonists used this kitchen to prepare communal meals on feast days which occurred only a few times a year. The unusual roof contains trap doors that open and allow steam to escape from cooking cauldrons. A second raised roof keeps out rain and snow. Building #14 on the printable site map.


Cabinet Shop
The woodworking tools that helped build and furnish Economy are exhibited in this original wood frame building. Building #15 on the printable site map.



Blacksmith Shop
This structure was built in the early twentieth century as a garage for the site’s caretaker. It was later converted into a blacksmith and cooper shop for demonstrations. The original structures for those trades were located elsewhere in Economy, outside of the site’s present boundaries. Building #16 on the printable site map.


The Granary housed a year’s supply of grain, in the event of a drought or disaster. The well-ventilated building has five floors and a cider storage cellar. On the west side is an elevator shaft used to lift sheaves of grain. The first floor now houses a wool machinery exhibit.  Building #17 on the printable site map.